About Jenn

It is the sound of joy and grace that resonates from one's mouth that inspires others to achieve and want to do better. It is spiritual transparency that allows others to not just hear your words but understand your voice.

A charming, positive, and southern based personality, Jennifer DeAnna does just that by bringing her life purpose to the forefront, which is to empower and encourage women through various venues such as coaching, authoring books and events.  Jennifer DeAnna exclaims her mission is to uplift and inspire individuals especially women in hard times. At just one talk with Jennifer DeAnna you will understand that patience and faith are imperative to her life.

"I've been waiting for a special wish to come true in my life. So I talked to a friend of mine and we joked because she said 'wow your still waiting on that.' However, I know that if we believe that something will be done regardless of how long it takes, it will be done with perseverance and patience ." 

Jennifer DeAnna has the spunk of a teenager but the wisdom of a grandmother. Having to deal with being a single mom, Jennifer grew her faith by reading and studying everything that spoke to inner strength, financial stability, personal growth and empowerment. Furthering, her commitment to inspire, Jennifer DeAnna developed her craft at Coach U, the leading global provider of coaching training programs, JenniferDeAnna has cultivated a speaking style that encompasses "girl next door" with stockbroker. Moreover,  the self proclaimed "talker" has turned her verbalizing into visualizing with the release of her heartfelt, informative, and entertaining book "7 Steps to being a Savvy Single Mom". The book is an amalgamation of Jennifer DeAnna's personal experiences, single mom challenges, and how to deal with them on a daily and constructive basis. Her charismatic and engaging approach to this book will surely propel it to end up on everyone's best-sellers list.

Her work, she says, “Is my calling, I know that I've been through some challenges in my life, but if I can help someone else climb over a hill, then I will. I don't have too many bad days and if I do, I know the power of faith and what a smile can do.”

Jennifer DeAnna continues to deliver her message, with humility, humor, and wit. 
As a strong woman, mother, public speaker, life coach, and author Jennifer DeAnna will surely become a very relate-able and informative voice on the speaking circuit. Some people just have that innate desire to make other people want to do better, and Jennifer DeAnna is one of those people.